The Children's Bibles

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"i loved it - I loved it! it taught me a lot about the Bible" - monkey love (Kindle Store)
"like it alot - helps keeps my children entertained while learning about the bible and they enjoy hearing about the stories in the bible." - Barbara Taylor (Kindle Store)
"My son loves it. He uses this everyday on his Kindle. It also keeps him occupied. Great way to get a few minutes of me time." - Rhonda Little (Kindle Store)
"Loving it -  Our son loves it" - Stan_jon (App Store)
"The content is quite good and I have enjoyed reading some of it to kids." - Brian Green (App store)
... I am so excited to find this APP. When I read the creation story to my 9 year old grandson, he understood it clearly and enjoyed the story. The pictures are very well done by talented artists and they certainly augmented the written word. - AhSeeBoo (App Store)
  • Free Books

    Every series comes with a FREE book.

  • narrated

    Every book has been narrated by our user’s favorite, Christopher Glyn.That is more than 90 hours of great storytelling in The Illustrated Bible alone.

  • animated

    68 books comes with a free animated movie

  • translatable

    Record your own voice and translation for each page so every child can be inspired through these great biblical stories.

 Android app on Google Play Download from Kkindle